Review of Omega 8500 movement


Omega launched the 8500 coaxial escapement movement in 2007. This movement has been widely welcomed since its introduction. Everyone even likes to compare it with the Rolex 3135 movement. Because of the excellent performance of the 8500 movements, it can be seen in many Omega hot-selling watches, such as the Seamaster and Constellation. It is also because of its extraordinary popularity that it has many followers, and these supporters are inevitably frustrated by small issues such as adjusting the time and calendar in the process of wearing; therefore, we will teach how to adjust the time and calendar of Omega watches equipped with 8500 movements.

According to the time adjustment method, we can divide the Omega equipped with the 8500 movements into two camps, one for diving and one for non-diving. These two categories have both similarities and differences.

Omega diving watches, such as the Seamaster series, in order to ensure the diving effect of the Seamaster series watches, Omega uses a screw-in crown for it, which is the difference mentioned above. When adjusting the time of this watch, the crown needs to be turned out counterclockwise. The unrolled crown is in first gear and can be wound manually.

Then pull it outwards slightly to pull the crown to second gear. You can adjust the calendar by turning the clockwise or counterclockwise (the hour hand will move forward or backward in units of 1 hour when the hand passes 12 o’clock at night, The date will change automatically.) Take 11:31 am on October 16 as an example. First, adjust the calendar clockwise to 16 and adjust the time to 11 o’clock(If it is turned over for another cycle, it is night time. Please pay attention during the actual operation.), or you can turn the calendar counterclockwise to 16 and set the time to 11 o’clock, and turn it counterclockwise for a cycle. This time belongs to 11 o’clock in the day.

After adjusting the calendar, start adjusting the time. Pull the crown out of the third gear (preferably when the second hand returns to zero). At this time, the second hand will stop moving and then adjust the minute hand clockwise and counterclockwise. After the adjustment, push the crown back to the first gear, and finally, screw in slightly and tighten clockwise.

Omega non-diving, such as the Constellation series, can be wound manually (in the first gear) without turning it out. The method of adjusting the calendar and time is the same as above, you only need to pull out the second and third gears.