August 2019


If your budget is $1,000.00 or less, is a Mechanical chronograph a better choice than a quartz chronograph? There are many benefits and caveats to both types of movement. To start, let’s take a look at the chronograph. Chronographs that use a quartz movement will have a visible “tick.” You will see the second hand “tick-tock” as it moves. A mechanical chronograph’s second hand will move in a smooth, sweeping motion.

Benefits and Caveats of Quartz ChronographsChange battery for Quartz Chronograph

Quartz chronographs have several benefits. Quartz chronographs are battery powered and require very little maintenance except for battery changes. The batteries are usually easy to change and can be done by the wearer every few years. Additionally, quartz chronographs are generally less expensive than mechanical chronographs and are more accurate, however; quartz chronographs are not as sought after as mechanical chronographs due to the lack of craftsmanship. Quartz chronographs are more “mass-produced” than mechanical chronographs and are not as revered as their mechanical counterparts.

Benefits and Caveats of Mechanical ChronographsMechanical Chronograph fashion out-fits

There are two types of mechanical chronographs – manual and automatic. Manual mechanical chronographs use energy transferred from a wound spring. The energy stored in the spring is transferred to a series of gears that power the chronograph. A manual mechanical chronograph has to be wound by the wearer. The interval between winds could range from 24 hours to several days depending on the chronograph. While these timepieces are beautiful, the manual winding of the chronograph is a nuisance to some. Automatic mechanical chronographs harness energy through the movement of the wearer and are self-winding. They’re convenient because they don’t have to be wound, however; if they’re not worn regularly the movement will stop. If well-maintained, both automatic and manual mechanical chronographs have longer lifespans than quartz chronographs, as well as being higher-crafted timepieces.

Which Movement is the Better Choice under $1,000.00?Mechanical chronograph VS Quartz chronograph

An automatic mechanical chronograph will be a better choice than a quartz chronograph under $1,000.00. While a quartz chronograph is an excellent timepiece, an automatic mechanical chronograph will be better made, will last longer, and lends itself to a more refined look. Additionally, there is no need to manually wind the automatic mechanical chronograph. As long as an automatic mechanical chronograph is worn regularly, the movement will continue. The automatic mechanical chronograph is a better choice than its quartz counterpart when under $1,000.00.