The Symbly project aims to produce the largest collection of mono icons and symbols. Our icons are designed especially for mobile apps, wireframes and web design. They are free to use commercially and available to download in a variety of formats. Wooo!

Icons Get!

Symbly Lite Font New!

Social Media, Arrows, Devices, Media, Interface Elements, Tools

A selection of our classic icons available as a handy webfont. It's available for free (!) while we work on the full font. If you have any suggestions or feedback drop us a note. This pack contains 70 icons.

Wireframe Pack

Scrollbar Elements, Cursors, Buttons, Controls, Arrows

A selection of icons for wireframing anything really. Traditional web elements such as radio buttons, check boxes plus a selection of arrow, loading icons and some other stuff. This pack contains 50 icons.

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General Pack 4

Communication, Media Player, Sound, Food and Drink, Hardware, Misc

This pack contains icons for media player controls, sound options and features a range of hardware icons such as an SD card, PC, Laptop and camera. Coffee, cupcakes, carrots and more! This pack contains 50 icons.

General Pack 3

Sports, Games, Weather, Nature, General

In addition to a general mix of icons, this pack focuses on sports, games, nature and also has a wide range of weather themed icons. This pack contains 50 icons.

General Pack 2

Communication, Mobile, Charts, Badges, Cloud, Social, Tags

This pack contains icons such as ribbons and badges that can be used as small icons or large components. There's also a wide range of social themed and communication icons. This pack contains 50 icons.

General Pack 1

Browser, Tools, Shopping, Hardware, Software, Internet, Alerts

Our first pack is stuffed full of general web-based icons. A diverse set, including shopping, tools, settings, browser, internet and hardware. This pack contains 50 icons.

Symbly Social

Social Media, Logos, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Reddit, YouTube, FourSquare

A collection of Social Media icons and logos. Including blogging platforms, video sharing, bookmarking, social news, design and other social networks. This pack contains 50 icons.

Gamification Badges

Free, Gamification, Badges, Awards, Stickers, Reward, Achievements

A free set of Foursquare-inspired gamification badges using tasty Symbly icons. These are great if you are building your own gamification system, or you just like bright coloured icons :) This pack contains 100 icons.

Arrow Badge Battery Bomb Brew Brush Chat Clock Cut Dial Feather Heart Hot Mail Monitor Mouse Movie Pie Star Tag Ticket Tool Truck Wifi Zoom