7040 Movement Paraflex


If the brand value, price, value preservation and precision and durability are used to evaluate, I believe that such a title will makes fans don’t have opinions. If you have a Rolex, you will support this statement. Although Rolex and Patek Philippe may not be comparable, but if 18238 and 3998 two second-hand watches, there is no box, no tens of thousands of dollars, I will choose the former, the reason is very simple: Rolex is with accurate precision and good endurance, at least the whole body is made of K gold. And the popularity and recognition are greater than the latter.

Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex has established a good reputation because of its sturdiness and accuracy, and its good waterproof performance. It has also enhanced the brand image and value, which has become the largest brand in the global watch sales base. It is definitely the best place to display in the store. So why can Rolex be so strong? There must be conditions and reasons. From the dealer’s point of view, Rolex price control is good, profit is good, products are fast, no need to introduce too much, especially the discount is fixed, you can quickly deal without bargaining, and from the point of view of Rolex features and technology, it is also worthy of praise.

Rolex 1570 Movement

Rolex’s success is by no means accidental, accurate and durable, strong value-keeping, and high liquidity. In fact, this is the reason why we should explore it. In terms of after-sales maintenance, there is no high-end brand like magnanimity Rolex in the world, which can fully supply parts to dealers, good after-sales service, reasonable fees, and gains recognition from consumers. In fact, only Rolex can create a three-win situation for suppliers, dealers and consumers at the same time, so that it can continue to operate and continue to be a big brother. In terms of function, Rolex is not mysterious, complex, maverick, and feels good like other brands sells at a very expensive price. The general price is also mostly between 5,000 and 10,000 US dollars, which is the price that the general public can afford, so Rolex is the fastest-recovering brand after the financial turmoil.

Rolex Movements Are Equipped With Double-layer Hairspring

Precise and durable, it is synonymous with Rolex. It is finely adjusted by four precision screws on the inside of the balance wheel of the movement (two models are used), and a double-layer spring is arranged to make balance swing more isochronous, greatly improving the accuracy; of course, the most important thing is to have a good design and structure to achieve the best results.

3135 Basic Movement

Rolex’s basic movement 3135 on the inside of the balance wheel four fine-tuning screws is the brand’s innovation and style in the fine-tuning process, the screws are divided into two diagonal and two small, each screw has eight corner teeth, can be used Rolex-specific Micro-Stella to adjust. The spinner has a transparent circular scale with a triangular metal in the middle and the lighter tip always points upward. When fine-tuning the screw against the scale above the ring, just align the octagonal hole of the front end of the trimmer with the octagonal screw of the inner ring of the balance. A large one-frame for 2 seconds, a small one-frame for 1 second, this is a very precise fine-tuning mechanism, which is a fine-tuning of the balance weight. As long as the movement is normal, it is almost invulnerable.

Rolex Exclusive Micro-Stella

It is often common for a watch fan to say that his Rolex watch has a one-second error in a week. In addition, the Rolex movement also has a “axis Micro adjustment” system, the movement of this device is very rare. The role of the “Axis Micro-Tuning Screw” is that after the watch has been used for many years, if the balance is slightly worn, the Micro-tuned spacing can still maintain accurate time, which is rare in high-end brands. The Parachrom® and the Paraflex device, which are equipped with the new watch movement, are more resistant to magnetism and vibration. It’s no wonder that Rolex is the most certified brand by C.O.S.C. every year. Accuracy is the first factor, which is why so many Rolex watch fans are willing to choose it.


Rolex’s unparalleled craftsmanship is truly extraordinary. Since 2001, the men’s 3130 and women’s 2235 movements have been launched. The Oyster series movements are equipped with double-layer hairsprings, such a pioneering work is unprecedented in modern watch brands. When the mechanical watch wave was blown up again in the late 1980s, almost all movements were ring-shaped with a single layer of hairspring, which has the advantage of being mass-produced. Although it also maintains a certain quality, Rolex does not follow the trend. The upward adjustment and the full replacement of the double-layered hairspring not only represent its insistence on the watchmaking process, but also the requirements for precision. The advantage of the double-layered hairspring is that the swinging time of the balance wheel is better, and the contraction and expansion of the spring and summer springs have more space. At the same time, the force points of the various places are average, the direction difference is low, and the accuracy of the time is better. I once thought about it. I randomly selected ten brands including Rolex from the Rolex dealership, and each took out five watches. The average value was obtained under the test of the meter. Rolex’s accuracy definitely ranked first. According to my observation, the Rolex watch in three years is almost a straight line under the meter, and the size is below 0.3. This is the Rolex quality assurance.

In terms of maintaining value, the Rolex brand’s high popularity and identity status make Rolex the favorite of consumers. It is the most liquid brand in the second-hand market. It is also the fastest-changing watch in cash. Into the sports watch, now it is possible to make a small profit, if the second-hand watch is more likely to have a watch fan to take over immediately. It can be seen that it is not unreasonable for Rolex to sell so hot. Everyone is happy to buy it, second-hand market is good, after-sales service is good, consumers buy peace of mind. From the point of view of preservation, quality and function, Rolex is firmly in the position of a brother in the industry. Although the brand value of Patek Philippe is high, it is not affordable for everyone.

7040 Movement Paraflex

7040 Movement Axis Micro-Tuning Screw

Every year, the Swiss watch exhibitions are racking their brains to launch a variety of complex watches. They are afraid that they will not be able to show their strength and will be surpassed by other brands. Various composite functions and all kinds of singular watches will come out and they will be dazzling. Rolex only has to changing the color or material of the outer ring, pushing a new version is enough to surprise the audience and make the fans excited. However, despite this, Rolex still insists on quality and innovation. Like Sky-Dweller, it has won five new patents. The quality brand image it represents has already been impressive. Therefore, I am open-minded, like the price of Rolex, like the quality of Rolex, as well as the high value, rapid liquidity and reasonable price for maintenance, the world can not find a second brand, I believe that all consumers agree with this statement.